Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baybayin - attempt #2 with font

So my preferred style of writing Baybayin has already changed.
Note an apparent error in the above sample: the "o" kudlit looks like "x". This appears to be an effect of the stylized kudlit in Paul Morrow's source font.

I kept the Bisaya /DA/ to use exclusively as /RA/.

I exchanged Paul Morrow's /NA/ with one with a shallower arc. Then, I got rid of the bare /N/, in exchange for the /NA/ with my kill-jot.

I modified the /SA/ to be a bit more like the Kapampangan version -- call it a 'modernization' -- but it's still recognizably the Baybayin /SA/. It's an intermediate stage between Paul Morrow's /SA/ and the Kapampangan one, then. In retrospect, I think that's a mistake, and I'm going to revert it.

I've tentatively started using a /HA/ with a shallow wave above it as /CHA/. Not sure about that one yet.

This morning, I composed my modified character set into a font. Since my font is almost entirely derivative, I retained Paul Morrow's name and copyright on it. Caveat: there's at least one bug to work out in it.

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